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Blog #14


  1. Definition of what I find beautiful.
    1. Life, people’s actions, etc.
  2. Relating it to Armstrong.
    1. Beauty is about the small things, not the material things.
    2. What I believe society’s view on beauty is.
  3. Relating it to Liv’s project.
    1. Explaining how the affects that art can have on people healing is beautiful.

Body Paragraph 1. Where I find beauty in my life.

  1. Relating to the recovery community.
    1. My history.
    2. How I came to find this beautiful.

Body Paragraph 2. The Twelve Steps.

  1. Describing the twelve steps.
    1. Image of the list of the twelve steps.
    2. Description of why these steps prove to be in my definition of beauty.
    3. Step 12- sponsoring people.

Body Paragraph 3. Armstrong’s idea of beauty.

  1. The small things being important.
    1. How this relates to people’s growth and healing.
  2. Society believing beauty is in material.
    1. How this is not helpful to the growth and well-being of our general society.
      1. Not everyone can afford fancy cars, and high end materials.

Body Paragraph 4. Working in the treatment field.

  1. Liberty Bay Recovery Center.
    1. Image of news articles on the treatment facility.
    2. What I do as an on-call recovery support staff.
    3. How clients recover.

Body Paragraph 5. Liv’s Presentation.

  1. Pictures from her presentation.
    1. Describe the beauty of art helping others heal.
    2. Relate to the healing process one goes through in alcohol and drug addiction treatment.
    3. The use of art in different treatment facilities.
    4. The correlation of the beauty of art and helping others.
      1. When people are sick they can use art as a healthy coping skill.


  1. What beauty is in my life.
    1. Recovery and helping others.
    2. Seeing others grow.
  2. How Armstrong’s idea of beauty mirrors my idea of beauty.
  3. Relating Liv’s presentation of art to my idea of beauty.
  4. Concluding statement on my idea of beauty.


3 thoughts on “Blog #14

  1. I really like what you’re trying to get at in this outline. Focusing on the small things in life is definitely a topic that has been underappreciated in today’s society and could use some attention. You make some great points throughout your outline that I can’t wait to see be turned into an essay with pictures and sound. What I especially liked about this was your personal experience part. What you did has so much meaning and beauty in it already it ties in perfectly with your claim about valuing the small things in life. You also picked out a peers presentation that just fits in so well with what you’re talking about. You have all the pieces and a great start as to where you’ll take this essay.

  2. I really like that you are including recovery and treatment of addiction. I actually can’t wait to read it because I think it will be a great take, seeing as society gives people the hard shoulder about this topic. I also have a personal connection to this so it will be a good read. I also like the examples that you are going to talk about, the recovery center and sponsors. Liv’s presentation will be a great addition to your paper a well. You picked topics and main ideas that I think you will really be able to dive into and make many points about. Although you didn’t say in this what type of multimedia you will use, I think that you could find some good ideas. One thing that I thought of for a media type, is maybe you could find a song that was about this topic and cut a few parts of it out to put in your paper.

  3. This sounds like it will be a strong paper. I look forward to reading it!


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