DS106- Remix Guinness Book of World Records

Who doesn’t love dogs?! I definitely do! Today’s assignment had me a bit worried at first. I was not sure what it meant or how to complete it…When I just gave the X-Ray goggles a chance I was able to figure it out very quickly using my knowledge I learned from Codecademy! I very much enjoyed making a little remix of this world record which was originally “Otto: Longest human tunnel travelled through by skateboarding dog.” All I needed to do was add my own spin to it! I liked the idea that there is other skateboarding dogs out there and that Otto is the fastest out of all them! I also chose this record because I used to work at Otto, a pizza shop in Portland, Maine. I love when I see the name being used elsewhere! Anyway, lots of fun creating this goofy record!

#dogs #ds106


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