Learning Outcome #1

In my chosen significant work, I revised by re reading my first draft and picking what I wanted my thesis

to be. Once I did that, I looked at the global revision that needed to be done. Nancy Sommers stated in

“Revision Strategies of Student Writers and Experienced Adult Writers”, “What they lack, however, is a

set of strategies that help them identify the ‘something larger’ that they sensed was wrong and work from

there.” Sommers is basically saying that when students revise papers, they often need to look at the

global revisions first and when that is fixed than move on to local revisions. My peer review comments

and my new thesis helped me decide because once I changed my thesis, I needed to go in and change

around local revisions. This shows me that I have a similar philosophy of revising papers in relation to

Nancy Sommers. I believe this because I needed to write more than one drafts to understand what I

actually wanted to say in my paper. Before my original first draft, I had an outline that did not coincide

very well with actual first draft that I submitted. Although Nancy and I have similar revision strategies, I

believe that the most helpful revision strategy that I used for my paper that Nancy did not talk about was

peer review.