DS106 We’re The Real Life Brady Bunch

Photo Made On FaceInHole.com

The idea of the “real life Brady Bunch” is actually my family. My image is made up of all of my three older sisters, my five year old brother, my stepmom, my mom, and my dad. We really are the real life Brady bunch because growing up with three older sisters made for quite a few hectic days! We all get along now but growing up was really interesting. I am not sure how my parents handled four girls. When my dad got remarried to my stepmom (whom we all love and adore), he finally got a son! It only took him five tries!! It is really funny going home to a brother who is 17.5 years younger than me but I love having fun with him and watching Thomas and Friends! We all live in different parts of the country now but we do get together for holidays and it is ALWAYS the highlight of my year! This was definitely a fun project and once I figured out how to create the image, I had a lot of fun with it!

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