Learning Outcome #2

Throughout my chosen significant writing project, I used the TED talk by Jereon Koolhaas and Dree

Urhahn, and an article by Rhys Southan as evidence to support my argument that art can help people

gain a better life. Ways that I did this were by paraphrasing ideas, using direct quotes to back up claims,

and quote sandwiches to explain quotations. One section where I used a quote sandwich to explain a

quote used to support my argument was where I wrote “When speaking with a friend of theirs that ran

an organization in Vila Cruzeiro, he told them ‘everybody here would pretty much love to have their

houses plastered and painted. It’s when a house is finished.’ (How painting can transform communities,

2:09 sec.) In making this comment, Hahn’s friend believes the people in Vila Cruzeiro were feeling

poorly about having unfinished homes and having their homes finished meant more to them.” This is a

good example of a quote sandwich. Quote sandwiches can be good because they introduce authors, state

a quote, and explain the quote. Throughout this class I have gained the capability to include evidence

throughout my work and use this to support and further my arguments.