Codecademy Evidence!

A Little Struggle

I am not sure where to begin… Let me start with this: when I first started the Codecademy assignment I saw “complete the lessons: Learn HTML, Learn CSS, and Make Your Own Website.” (Not an exact quote.) So I began. I started with Learn HTML…. I completed all of HTML including every free assignment they offered. I moved on to Learn CSS and did the same. I then decided to go back into the class schedule to see exactly what the build a website course was called. It was then that I noticed I only needed to complete a select few assignments from each course. After ten plus hours spent on HTML and CSS alone, I felt extremely frustrated with my lack of reading carefully when it came to the scheduled assignments… So, after spending hours on end yelling at my computer, ignoring the “view solutions” signs, and driving myself mad while completing lessons I did not even need to do, I finally was able to complete the last few lessons on how to build a website.

Some Discoveries

Despite the sign that maybe I was taking more than the 10 hours that Professor Cripps said it should take to complete the assignment, I still went on to complete two whole courses… I did learn a lot about HTML and CSS (probably more than I ever want to know). However frustrating some of the tasks in the interactive lessons were, I did enjoy completing them and learning about how the coding process was completed. This definitely was helpful when creating the “Remix Guinness Book of World Records” DS106 assignment. I truly had no issues doing the assignment because I knew a little something about coding. I feel like I may not use this information in the future but I think if I had to use it, I will know how. I learned a lot from these lessons but here is a few things that stuck out:

1. The values and different attributions to add into each code

2. Closing and opening brackets.

I mention these two things because they were the main issues I ran in to when running my code. I realized that when it did not go through it was usually because I did not put something in the attributions or values in correctly OR I forgot to add a closing bracket. This sounds like a small issue but I realized that it can change a lot in your coding.

In the end, I am glad I completed these lessons, and even though I am not sure if I will need this information, I hope that I can use it in my future.

My Achievements/Completed Lessons

The Completed Website Building Lessons
The Completed Learn CSS Course
The Completed Learn HTML Course
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