DS106- Selfie With Your Pet

This assignment gives me great pleasure as my cat Coco is my favorite topic to talk about. Coco is 13 years old and I have had her for two years. I adopted her after a break up from a longterm boyfriend that made me feel really alone. When I got Coco, I immediately felt comfort from her presence. Coco has an innate sense of empathy and when I am down, she will come sit on my lap or right next to me which lets me know she is there for me.

This is Coco and Me on Halloween in 2018. Coco is dressed as a hot dog.

Coco has a plethora of health issues including asthma, pre diabetes, and anxiety. Coco also currently has an ear infection. She has been through so much including oral surgery which made her so sick that I had to give her IV fluids for 10 days. Coco is so strong and has made it through all of her health diagnoses with a positive attitude. One time I brought Coco for Christmas on a 8 hour car ride to Long Island, NY where my immediate family lives. She did not enjoy the ride and got car sick all over my back seat. Despite this, she did sit down with me to get a good picture by my parent’s Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

Recently I heard from Coco’s previous owner. She informed me that Coco was given to her friend when she had to move and could not take care of her anymore. She told me that her friend gave up Coco to the shelter without telling her. Despite her anger towards her friend, she was not interested in taking Coco back. I was extremely relieved with that although I would never give her back even if she wanted her. But she wanted to make sure Coco was in a loving home. She also told me all about Coco’s life before I became her mom. Apparently Coco had travelled the world with her by sailboat. They traveled from Scotland, to the Keys, to Alaska, and to many other places.

I feel extremely lucky to have such a great cat like Coco. Throughout all her adventures in life, it seems like it was meant to be that she came into my life. I am so grateful for her even if she wakes me up at 5am, which she does every morning by biting me, and if she sometimes, meaning once a day, will poop directly in front of the litter box and not in it. Coco has made a lot of great stories. She really has a personality of her own. All together, I love having her.


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