PSY 205- Abnormal Psychology

This course teaches about mental illnesses, the diagnostic criteria for major diagnoses as presented in the DSM-IV, and general treatment options for each diagnosis. Furthermore, students learn through case studies presented in class, how to identify different classes of mental illness.

Course Description: “This course provides students with information regarding the symptoms, causes, and treatment of what is generally recognized as abnormal behavior. Students will be expected to think critically about the research evidence with regard to various explanations and treatments of mental illness, and to develop clinical rationale for diagnostic choices they might make as a hypothetical treatment provider. Additionally, students will become familiar with the major assessment index for psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers (DSM-IVTR) and learn how to apply its categories to several client cases discussed in class.”

The case study of Linda Bishop was used to practice major clinical assessments following the diagnostic criteria from the DSM-IV. It shows my development of a clear diagnosis and explains the reasons why I believed Linda Bishop was displaying a certain diagnosis.