PSY 375- Trauma And Health

This course gives a look into Post Traumatic Stress disorder and associated disorders, identifying different types of trauma, how trauma effects the body and mind, and different types of treatment. This course teaches how trauma can effect different areas of the brain, reflexes, the nervous system, and the related treatments.

Course Description: “This course is designed to prepare students to understand the causes, risk factors, diagnoses, and treatment related to the experience of trauma and how trauma effects both physical and emotional health. This course will help prepare students to response effectively in a entry level human service job to those who have experienced traumatic events in their lives and to help plan how prevent education can either mitigate the effects of trauma or help prevent it.”

The following document shows the ability to research a specific trauma type and develop opinions, and ideas on the treatment methods related to it. In this paper, I talk about human trafficking survivors and the relationship of trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy.