Daily Create #tdc3061

Today I got to change one letter in a band’s name and create a new album cover for the new name. The first step that I took to do this was go on Apple Music and look into bands. I typically listen to single artists and not many bands so no band came to my mind right away. I actually was nervous that I was not going to be able to do anything cool or fun with this create because I did not know any good bands. I looked in the classic rock genre on Apple Music and I saw Pearl Jam. Right away I thought to myself “Pearl Ham”. I instantly started to laugh and new that this was it.

When I had the name my next step was to create the cover. I had an idea in my head of some pigs or one pig with the title across the screen. I thought about editing the photo to make it look more “rough” or rocker like. I saw this image on google of these two pigs and thought it was cute because one of them looks like it is singing. After that I went into my photos application and did some easy editing. This including changing the brightness, the saturation, and other various photo editing tools. The one problem I had was putting on the title. I remembered I had an application that puts frames on photos so that they become square. I knew if I used this that I would have a boarder and could easily add a text box on top with name Pearl Ham. After this, I was very happy with my results and felt like it fit the vibe of the normal album covers that Pearl Jam usually has.