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Blog #15

The peer review in this class has been helpful to my writing because I find that the comments left on my papers tend to become more and more helpful every time. The most recent peer review gave me a better insight on what I can add to my paper and how I can better expand upon it. My goal for this paper is going to be to organize my thoughts, expand my ideas, and improve my writing. The steps I plan to take is to re-read my paper with the peer review comments, re organize my thoughts throughout the paragraphs, and then expand with the specific feedback given to me. I see my biggest challenge to be making my essay more academic and using the TRIAC or Barclay ways of organizing my evidence as I get passionate talking about the topic I believe to describe beauty. I think that if challenges arise and this becomes too difficult for me to solve on my own, I plan on asking for help from my peers, and those around me who know writing well. Usually, having someone else look at my work helps me to see different ways that I can improve it.

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  1. I am thrilled that you can see that your peer’s feedback continues to improve. I also like to see that you using the TRIAC and Barclay paragraphs to help you organize. Make sure you include these on your strategies sheet. 🙂 3/3

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