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Blog #12

One presentation I enjoyed was Liv’s because of the new perspective it gave me on art being involved in science. Before her presentation I did not associate the art in hospitals with the treatment of their patients. After her presentation I was able to see how art can be helpful to medicine because of the positive outlet it can give to patients undergoing treatment. Her mode of communication was through a slideshow presentation. I believe that this affected my opinion of her presentation a lot because it was creative and very thoughtful. I did not realize how a slideshow would come across to the audience better than just an essay. I believe that with her slideshow which included both words and pictures, I was visually able to learn more about her view point. Another presentation that stood out to me was Emma’s. She did podcast with a painting which was very different from most presentations I saw. Her presentation was interesting to listen to and look at. After listening to her podcast I felt challenged to go deeper into art and really investigate meaning in each painting I come across. Emma went in depth into the emotions she saw in the painting and also a story behind it which I did not think of before. I believe that watching other people present is giving me more insight into different perspectives.

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