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Caring For Yourself- Spiritually and Physically

Some of my first steps to feeling better during the Coronavirus quarantine was doing a virtual yoga class, guided meditation, and simply getting out of bed and getting ready for my day. Keeping these things in my routine, helped me to stay on track with my recovery. Simply having a routine everyday was beneficial to the continuance of my 12-step practices. Continuing to reach out to my friends and family, writing my 10th step inventory, and keeping a spiritual practice are all part of my daily schedule.

As Timmen L. Cermak puts it, only we have the choice to continue our recovery. As a recovering alcoholic, I am the only one who can decide to call my sponsor weekly and continue my daily practices. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, people in recovery have to realize that just because the world has stopped the majority of “normal” life, it does not give us the right to stop our recovery practices. This is the time to be stronger in our recovery, to maintain our spiritual fitness, and to grow with our step work.

A good way to keep our minds calm and present is to keep up with meditation. Meditation helps to slow our breathing, relieve anxiety, and bring us back to the present. One meditation application, Insight Timer, has made all their playlists and meditations free to be of service during these times.

I was able to keep practicing yoga through zoom yoga classes. There is a multitude of yoga studios who are currently teaching online. Another great source for good yoga is youtube. One of my favorite yoga classes was from a video on youtube called “Yoga with Adriene“. Yoga can be a great way to keep exercising while staying home. It is important to stay exercising and keep your body moving because when we spend to much time laying down, negativity can overcome us. It is so easy to just sit on the couch and watch television all day. Instead of this, take part in a quick guided yoga lesson and feel the energy being released from your body.

Here is a quick Yoga class with Adriene!

Keeping up with our normal lives while staying home will be the best way to stay on track with our recovery.

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