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Dealing With Anxiety Without Drugs or Alcohol

During the current world situation it is safe to say that many people are going through times of anxiety and stress. In recovery it is good to know that you can reduce your stress and anxiety without needing the help of drugs and alcohol. While looking around at sober blogs (here is a list of some good ones), I found a post on the Sober Girls Guide by Jessica about relaxing without the need for alcohol. This sparked my idea to write this post about dealing with anxiety without alcohol or drugs.

Photo from A Sober Girl’s Guide.

Jessica talks in her post about different ways to relax without alcohol such as talking on the phone with a friend, physical exercise, self-care, creating things, making mocktails (alcohol-free cocktails), and taking a bath. I personally believe all of these things are also important in reducing stress and anxiety.

Is there better way to de-stress than putting on a nice face mask and sitting in a bubble bath? No! All of the things that Jessica talks about are also ways I lessen my stress and my anxiety. As soon as I sit down, and take my mind off of everything going on, I can lessen my stress and anxiety.

Anxiety and Stress Reducing Activities

1. Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is not only a good way to keep healthy and fit physically but also a good way to lessen stress and anxiety. I often use physical activities such as dance or yoga to take my mind off of the things that are giving me anxiety. It is important to keep moving because when we sit in our stress (sometimes literally by just sitting on the couch and ruminating about life), we can potentially just make things worse.

2. Self-Care

Self-care is another go to that I use to get my mind of my anxiety. Doing my nails, washing and styling my hair, taking a bath, putting on a face mask and even just washing my face. These things all help me to feel more calm and present in the moment.

3. Arts and Crafts

Some crafts I like to do are knitting and crocheting, scrapbooking, and painting. I also like to look up different activities on Pinterest in order to find some new creative ideas. Being creative and taking part in crafts is also time consuming and super relaxing. The other day I broke a flower pot with a hammer and glued it back together! And it actually was SO FUN!

4. Connect With Others

One of the most important parts of recovery is connection with others. Learning how to connect with family and friends in a healthy manner is the basis to a new healthy lifestyle. During low times and times of anxiety talking to friends and family can be the most comforting.

Is That It?!

YES! Well, maybe not… there are many ways we can work to reduce our stress and anxiety without the use of drugs and alcohol. The best part of being in recovery is that I have the tools I need to get through ups and downs in life without needing drugs and alcohol. I can use my strategies to better myself and to improve any emotional discomfort that arises such as stress and anxiety. Come back next time for more tools and tips on how to maintain a life of sobriety one day at a time!